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Ships Suppliers for :

  • Engine Stores
  • Deck Stores
  • Cabine Stores
  • Safety Stores
  • Safety Equipments
  • Nutical Stores
  • Provision " Fresh , Frozen & Dry "
  • Bonded Stores " Cigarettes & Drinks "

Marine work :

  • Ship repair
  • Sludge garbage removal

Owners Representatives For All Tonnage

  • We act as full agents for all kinds of vessels, tonnages calling all major Egyptian ports.
  • All types of general cargo vessels, tramp handling with high efficient staff in all Egyptian ports with a high efficiency that insures smooth operations
  • Bulk cargo vessels, tankers, heavy lifts and project cargo
  • We provide also Crew change services.
We Cooperate with a number of well – established agents that operate in Europe, Africa, Fareast, and the Americas we have managed to gain their loyalty through our sense of professionalism and efficient business management. Our agents have always given us the privilege to function effectively and efficiently in order to meet the demands and Expectations of our clients and provide them with the most convenient and competitive costs. Has a wide range of services that we consider as the backbone of our growth and are proud of we are currently serving more than seventy clients locally and internationaly.

We guarantee excellent qualities and 1st class services to meet our clients satisfaction.Therefore, we request you kindly to give us the trail to prove goods quality and services.
Also to enable you enjoy with our soft terms of payment, which will be very convenient nowadays for ship owners and ship managers.
On your request we will be ready to send you our fresh and competitive price list.

Head office: Damietta

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